I mostly hear or see on social media negative comments about the three commissioners here in Park County. I believe it is time they receive the thanks and appreciation they deserve for the time, dedication and efforts they put forth on a daily basis for the betterment of us all here in Park County.

I start with District 1 Mike Brazell. He deserves much credit for having served one full term and is now completing his second and final term (term limited) in office. I have watched Brazell over the years helping the commissioners office make hard decisions at the weekly meetings and putting in countless hours in various HOA and other community meetings around the county to improve our broadband services which are greatly needed county wide. Mike also started  the “Dish With The Commish” events held throughout the county twice yearly.

Dick Elsner of District 2 works very hard on behalf of all Park County citizens. Most folks don’t realize the countless hours Elsner puts in attending state house meetings in Denver, various community meetings around the county, and meetings and events with our neighbors of surrounding counties, all for the betterment of Park County and the wonderful people living here.

Ray Douglas of District 3 is the county’s newest commissioner. He took office this past January and has already proven his worth to the county. Douglas also attends most county-wide meetings (like the recent round table in Harris Park) and diligently researches all issues and proposals that come across his desk. He is working with Road and Bridge to find ways to improve our county roads and is currently reviewing the land use regulations.

The main point here is realize how much time and effort our three commissioners put in to help Park County be a better place for all of us to live and raise our children.

Next time any of you see one of these fine and dedicated men, give them a sincere thank-you for the job they do. Believe me, they deserve our appreciation. County Commissioner is not an easy task.

And Tom Eisenman, our county manager, deserves a special thanks as well, for his efforts in keeping the county organized and in line.

Steve Vincze


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