My husband Richard and I have lived in Park County for the past 56 years. Having raised our family here and having owned a thriving construction business for most of that time, therefore we have a vested interest in Park County’s direction and future not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren as well, some of whom still call Park County home.

One way we, the citizens of Park County, can ensure we continue to thrive and grow in the most positive direction possible is to elect government officials who will represent us and truly have our best interests at heart. I know of one individual who is running for Park County Commissioner District One that will do just that when he is elected. His name is Steve Vincze.

Having attended college at Colorado State University and Western State University, his business education will serve him and our county to the benefit of all concerned. He also served as a Deputy Sheriff for Colorado’s largest full service Sheriff’s Office for 33 years. In addition, his life experience includes owning a business and raising a family.

Vincze is a Colorado native and has lived in Park County the past eleven years. During that time I have seen him involved in various county commissioner decisions by attending meetings and publicly being involved in important decisions the commissioners have made concerning the betterment of our county.

Vincze is not one to just watch from the sidelines but his involvement has proven his leadership ability to rally others for good causes that benefit us all.

Vincze has volunteered for community projects, been a top level Little League baseball and basketball coach, he is active in the Burland HOA, and currently serves on the Fire Wise board. He and his wife June are also our mountain neighbors, they attend a local church regularly, and my husband and I are proud to call Steve and June Vincze our very dear friends.

With all the changes coming our way in Park County, my husband Richard and I heartily encourage the voters in Park County to vote for Vincze for Park County commissioner District One. He is the right man for this job right now and he is the very best candidate to vote for in the soon-to-be-mailed-out Republican primary ballots which will be due the end of June.

He will be a fresh name and face in our county’s government who will provide the best leadership possible for all citizens throughout the county in the years to come.

Please join Vincze and vote for him so he can continue, as his campaign slogan says, “working to keep Park County great.”

Patsy Jepsen


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