In response to the “Republican Perspective” column of May 17 by Tim Peterson, regarding the “Red Flag” bill,  I, too, opposed that bill in any form, and I happen to agree with Peterson that it does go against our constitution.

Do Park County Trump supporters realize that Donald Trump supports “Red Flag” bills? In response to last years Parkland, Fla., school shooting, Trump supported seizing guns without due process, saying, “Take the guns first. Go through due process second,” adding, “I like taking the guns early.”

Trump also declared at that time he wants to raise the purchase age for certain guns to 21.

Trump also supports laws to strengthen background checks saying, “We are going to be very strong on background checks.”

Trump banned bump stocks, which is more chipping away at our Constitutional rights. Because one insane person used bump stocks, now millions of law abiding gun owners are forbidden to own them thanks to President Trump.

Lastly, are Park County Trump supporters aware the Attorney General Trump appointed supports gun control?

The National Gun Rights organization report that “Attorney General Barr has a long history of supporting gun control, doubling down on his track record by siding with Dianne Feinstein on her Assault Weapons Ban in addition to national ‘Red Flag’ laws.”

Before you Trump supporters that are reading this try to rationalize his actions, you should honestly ask yourselves, how you would have responded if Obama did all of these things?

“The bottom line is President Trump has been more anti-gun in his tenure, in terms of legislation and regulations, than the Obama administration” said Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition.

Steve Plutt

Lake George

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