Call me crazy if you’re so inclined, but I’m seriously concerned about losing my freedoms. You know, those essential elements of daily life that we take for granted.

It starts at the so-called top, back in Washington, D.C., when things are done and not done that we ignore but that chip away at our Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.

It’s those things that don’t necessarily affect us directly but will lead the way for other loss of freedoms that will seriously and negatively impact our daily lives. Regardless of our particular stance on issues such as abortion, we already lost one of several important freedoms.

Remember when popularly elected President Obama put forth a nominee highly regarded in bipartisan terms to be considered for appointment to the Supreme Court? The freedom to have this nominee even considered for appointment was denied. This was an autocratic action.

When government officials ignore the protections ensured by the Constitution, history reveals that the slide into autocratic rule is fast, furious, and ultimately vicious.

The current administration is routinely ignoring the rules and procedures laid out in the Constitution. They have failed to produce legitimately requested tax documents and have ignored legitimately filed subpoenas to appear before Congress. Those, too, are autocratic actions.

The only constraint American democracy has to limit an autocratic power grab is the Constitution of the United States. But just because we have adopted the Constitution doesn’t mean we can sit back on the laurels of our previous generations. The power of our Constitution lies only in the ability, strength, and commitment of current and future generations to enforce its democratic principles.

As far as I am concerned, there is one essential question to ask any political candidate, no matter how local or how national the office is for which he or she is running: How seriously does the candidate consider the threat to our democracy and our freedoms, and how much time, effort, and money is the candidate willing to commit to the fight for freedom now that a threat is present?

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