Dear Editor:

I write to thank and commend the Fairplay Post Office staff.

A deadly, highly-contagious disease has made their working conditions especially hazardous, stressful and difficult. Nevertheless they have responded with nothing but courage, as Ernest Heminway defined it in “Grace Under Pressure.”

Even before this awful pandemic struck, this excellent staff exemplified a professional ethic. At the counter,  customers are always treated courteously and promptly. Phone calls are answered politely by a knowledgeable staff member within the first two rings (where else in the world does this happen? Not many places I call!). The building is always immaculately clean and I never get anyone else’s mail in my box.

I must also express my profound gratitude for the extraordinarily kind steps staff have taken to help a dilapidated geriatric like myself avoid contracting COVID-19. But for their graciousness I can well imagine myself becoming infected.

My work has allowed me to live in the U.S., Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland; I have traveled extensivelly around the world. During this time I have experienced many good post offices, but, by far, the Fairplay Post Office staff is the best I have ever encountered.

The poverty of the language does not allow me to compliment adequately the Fairplay Post Office staff, but everyone should know that they are truly exceptionally wonderful folks.

Thanking you for your consideration of this matter, I remain,

Yours Sincerely,

E. Johnson


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