In response to Steve Plutt (letters to the editor, May 31 issue), I ask what would be the alternative to Trump?

I suggest that we all should not believe everything we hear, see or read about our President. There are plenty of people working to tear him apart and foil his every move.

True, he does say things that are used against him. He uses those utterances to goad the left into exposing their true colors. It is a mechanism that works well. Although my heart is sometimes caught in my throat I soon calm down when I learn the reaction he has instigated from the left.

He says things impulsively, but he has not signed any bills infringing on our Second Amendment freedom. The NRA would confront him about it, and he would not be as popular as he is. Personally I think he is doing an absolutely great job of turning America around and making everything all about the American people and individual freedom.

We all need to speak up more often in support of what he does. If we express our opinions loudly and with conviction, we will be changing the game by responding in unexpected ways and will break the left’s ability to silence us.

They bully and intimidate any opposition in order to keep them from being heard.  Don’t let them do this. Help President Trump to push back on unconstitutional and un-American attempts to fundamentally change the course of this great nation.

If you need strength, listen to his speech to the NRA Convention in Indianapolis April 26 or the commencement speech he made to the cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs April 30. These speeches tell us more about our President than any fake or real news media will.

Amanda Woodbury


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