To all Park County residents who abide by the laws and do not abuse the Land Use Regulations. Question? Why does Park County have LURs if no one is going to enforce them? A resident in Bailey has violated and is violating five LURs.

An illegal firewood business, construction of an illegal shed, rubbish ordinance, noise ordinance and light pollution.

It’s been 18 months and Park County officials have done nothing to stop this individual from violating these LURs. This is from the county: “We have to acknowledge the county has no legal standing related to the stacks of fire wood. We can’t pin him down on an active fire wood business either.”

We have emailed the business name to the county many times, proving it is a home business. Technically we are doing their job for them. There are piles of wood everywhere. Two neighbors moved because of Park County’s negligence to do their jobs and stop this person from violating the LURs.

Local residents who also see this mess are asking why this person has not been stopped. They need to ask our county manager, Tom Eisenman, that question. Our county government needs to remember who pays their salaries: tax payers. They all need to step up and start doing their jobs.

Karen Christenson


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