It is with great pleasure that I support Katie Spodyak for Park County commissioner. I have lived in Park County for nearly 40 years and had the opportunity to teach at Platte Canyon School District for nearly 30 years. Through those years, I met many students who were delightful to teach, but there were a few who stood out above the rest. Spodyak was one of those outstanding students.

As a student, Spodyak stood out because of her overall diligence and ability to work hard. Spodyak also was an outstanding behind-the-scenes worker. She had the ability to make friends with different types of personalities. She never passed judgment on others and she appreciated and valued everyone.

This election is during a difficult time in our history. Our governor has required that we stay at home. Spodyak has waited to place signs and actively campaign until that stay-at-home recommendations changed. She wants to follow the requirements and do her part to keep her family and others safe.

Spodyak is the mom to two boys and has been involved in many youth activities. Her concern goes beyond her own children and as a result she is serving as president of the school board. Spodyak gives her all to everything with which she is involved. If Spodyak says she will do something, she does it with her whole heart.

All of these characteristics I have seen in Spodyak over the decades will help her serve as a notable county commissioner. She will work hard, do everything she can behind the scenes, and relate to the various personalities within our county. She will be open to the opinions of others and have the ability to listen carefully to her constituents. I fully support her in this endeavor. Spodyak will make a great county commissioner.

Ruth Barth


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