I am glad that the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission unanimously decided to move forward in consideration of adopting state Zero Emission Vehicle standards to reduce further the air pollution in our state, and I welcome the opportunity for transportation that does not pollute.  The standards under consideration would aid the sale of clean zero-emitting vehicles in our state, the impact of which would reduce our serious problems with ozone pollution, reducing smog, and a number of air pollutants harmful to human health.  These positive steps for cleaner air are accompanied by cost reductions in regards to fuel expenses, as well.  Recent legislative actions add to these positive possibilities with the extension of the electric vehicle tax credit, support for greater public investment in the infrastructure supporting electric vehicles along with more state grant money enabling expansion of  the number of charging stations.  Those of us who live in rural areas will save more on fuel expenses.  Transportation is a major source of air pollution and its consequent health challenges.  Cleaning our air will enhance our health, improve the natural environment typically loved in Colorado, and put us in a better position to limit the negative aspects of the climate crisis.  We can all be encouraged by a general industry consensus that electric vehicles are quickly reaching price parity with internal combustion engine vehicles, and that battery pack prices are reliably anticipated to decline.  I encourage all of us to support the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission in seeking strong standards to be adopted and pursued for zero emission vehicles to grow in use for a cleaner, healthier Colorado.  


Mark Meeks


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