Every mass shooting, I suffer survivor’s PTSD. I feel the adrenaline flood the stomach, a huge rock sits where my heart should be, and the tears of rage start to fall. I am sick beyond words of all this hatred and killing.

It’s not just that my son and I were at Platte Canyon when Emily Keyes was murdered, it’s also that another of our sons took his wife and two daughters to the Garlic Festtival in Gilroy, Calif. They had barely left before the killing started. Are you kidding me? Gilroy is a small community in central California, it’s not much bigger than Bailey, and many people would struggle to find either place on the map.

Just here in our little town alone we’ve lost Emily Keyes, Nate Carrigan and Maggie Long to terrible violence. Their deaths were tragic and devastating, and they were our neighbors.

The tragedies number higher in El Paso, Dayton and Parkland, and I could go on and on , but you get the idea.

So the question I would ask is: Why can’t we put gun issues on the ballot? Let’s let everyone vote. Everyone gets to say yes or no. Obviously our politicians don’t have the courage. Let the people decide.

Tami Adamo


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