We’re starting to see a few more controversial bills making their way through the labyrinth called the Legislature. I’m not complaining; more testimony and discussion should make for a better bill and a better law – but not always.

SB 42 – The National Popular Vote bill, kept the House in session until 8 one evening. With six Democrats joining Republicans in opposition they still fell short of stopping it. All that stands between California, New York and Illinois from deciding who the Colorado Electors will vote for in future presidential elections is our Governor’s signature.

The House also passed HB 1032 – The Comprehensive Sex Ed. bill, sending it over to the Senate where it will be heard in committee before moving to the floor. I can’t imagine there could be enough amendments on that bill to entice me to vote for it.

The real news is HB 1177 – The Red Flag bill, is now officially under discussion. If you are searching for it on the internet it is titled “Extreme Risk Protection Orders.” Several changes from last year’s bill; in fact the language on this bill seems to be the Rhode Island version with the obligatory tweak here and there.

There are the same constitutional concerns we had last year: Second Amendment (right to keep and bear arms), Fourth Amendment (due process and protection from unreasonable search and seizure) and 14th Amendment (due process again), in case we wondered how important that right is.

Then there is the inconvenient fact for the proponents that law enforcement already has the ability to place a person in a 72-hour psychiatric hold for evaluation.

The American Civil Liberties Union also seems to have concerns; perhaps they’re getting back to their roots and are actually concerned about the infringement of our civil liberties.

Shifting gears, HB 1185 – removes Columbus Day as a state holiday and replaces it with Colorado Day, to be celebrated the first Monday in August. The sponsors are careful to state this does not take away from the Italian-American community’s contributions to the state.

I believe them. I also believe it has everything to do with the activities (atrocities) of the sailors towards the native population after they landed in the West Indies.

What no one has explained to me is why on a Spanish war ship manned by Spanish sailors under the control of a Spanish captain on an expedition financed by Queen Isabella of Spain, who history and the church regard warmly, a civilian Italian gets the blame for the conduct of men not under his control – just saying.

I welcome your thoughts and comments on the happenings here at the Capital. Lots of ways to stay in touch: office phone 303-866-4877 or mobile phone 719-351-2121, my email is SenatorHisey@gmail.com,

My Twitter handle is @SenDennisHisey, and on Facebook search for Senator Dennis Hisey.

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