The National Popular Vote bill will soon have made it through both houses and will land on Gov. Polis’ desk for his approval. The bill is being supported as a move for Colorado to make the popular vote the method by which our President is to be chosen.  This bill is a bait-and-switch effort to fool Coloradoans.

It actually ties our electoral votes to the popular vote of the U.S. as a whole, but it does not change the Electoral College system.

This means that all nine electoral votes will align with whomever wins the national popular vote and not necessarily who Colorado actually voted for.

More than 50 percent of our countries’ population resides in nine states. It is they who will decide whom you voted for. It guarantees that potential candidates will not only pander for votes in those few states, they will absolutely ignore any Colorado-specific issues.

Without regard to your party leanings, I urge you to contact Gov. Polis to veto this bill. He must understand he would be signing your voting choice away, and we thought he wanted Colorado to unite under his leadership. Go to and voice your concerns. Refer to SB19-042.

Greg Trouth


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