In response to Louise Peterson’s article, “Democratically speaking: Are you a racist?” (The Flume, June 5, 2020), I appreciate her speaking to the inherent racism in many white people. I am a white woman and aware of my white privilege. However, these past couple of weeks have me rethinking the urgency for me to use that privilege towards understanding and working on racial disparity and injustice. To sit and do nothing as a white person of privilege will only help maintain the status quo. We need to listen to the stories and struggles of black people, advocate for, and be part of the solution. We are seeing this all over this country, and the world, as white protesters take to the streets with their black sisters and brothers. This is not enough. We must be willing to actively listen, learn, and support the work to create policies that address the racial inequities in our society. First we must educate ourselves about our privilege. This may be uncomfortable, but it is the first step towards being involved in change. I encourage people to read the following articles: “21 Day Racial Equity Challenge” at, and “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice” at These are just a start. We can no longer be silent and sit by watching the ugly truth of racism in our country. Please vote and do all you can to work towards a better world. In terms of our fall election, two-thirds of Park County residents voted for Trump in 2016. I would hope that some of those who voted for him four years ago will reconsider that vote in 2020. He is part of the problem and has only contributed to the divisiveness and divide in our county. #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Carie A. Dinnan


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