Ozone is a three-atom molecule of oxygen (O3) and is unstable, having a life span of 17 minutes before it decays into O2 (chemical formula 2O3 to 3O2), the form that we breathe. One way it is created is by electrical arcs such as lightning and the arc of the commutator in large electric A/C motors in electric vehicles. Ozone is the sharp odor we smell after a lightning storm.

As for pollution affecting our climate, I assume he is writing about carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. CO2 is 0.038 percent (380 ppm) and CH4 is 0.000017 percent (17 ppm) of our atmosphere.

Consider how the minute quantities of these gases can heat our atmosphere when water vapor at 1 percent to 4 percent on average with heat capacity far greater than both carbon compounds and with far greater masses in our atmosphere. This information is readily available on-line.  Start with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency website.

Fred Whitaker


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