I write to thank Bob Seay (Democratically speaking, The Flume, issue Dec. 6, page 6) for his baseless preaching which falsely alleges the pure motives of Democrats attempting, without either sufficient evidence or due process, to reverse the result 2016 presidential election.

This is the same strategy Democrats used unethically in their failed attempt to keep Judge Kavenaugh off the Supreme Court, the same one they used illegally in their “Lavrentiy Beria” Robert Mueller Russian collusion hoax.

As the Democrat Al Green (U.S. House of Representatives from Texas’s 9th district) stated, “We have to impeach the president. Otherwise he might win in 2020.”

The booming U.S. economy means that their lackluster group of extreme socialists, open borders, free health-care for illegal immigrants, and rabid anti-Second Amendment presidential candidates would have a difficult time beating President Trump in a free and fair election in 2020.

Hence the Democrats are trotting out an impeachment hoax as a purely political cudgel, just as Republicans did in 1867 to dispose of Andrew Johnson, a President whom they hated, but for whom no evidence existed to suggest that he committed any impeachable offense.

By contrast Leon Jaworski found clear evidence that Nixon had obstructed justice and Ken Starr provided substantial evidence to show that Clinton had committed perjury, suborned perjury, and obstructed justice.

But even evidence of serious felonies wasn’t sufficient to convict Clinton, because it didn’t rise to the level which would mean obviating the will of millions of American voters.

Mr. Seay cannot make up for the lack of evidence and the lack of due process in the current completely partisan impeachment farce by misrepresenting facts.

For example, he claims that a common U.S. policy of “quid pro quo” previously employed by Obama with respect to Russia withholding troops in Georgia and criticism of U.S. missiles during the 2012 election is now illegal.

His analysis is absurd. The Ukraine got their meeting and their military aid, but the Ukraine never fulfilled the quo, the investigation of the corrupt Bidens who received millions from the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

By contrast, Obama got the quo, which he demanded in his hot microphone incident with Medvedev; the Russians stayed quiet in 2012.

But thanks are due to Mr. Seay and his fellow Democratic partisans. Once this impeachment travesty moves to the Senate, then there will finally be due process.

Joe and Hunter Biden will be subpoenaed as witnesses and American voters are going to learn about the corrupt Bidens’ activities not only with Burisma, but also their sweetheart $1.5 billion loan from The People’s Bank of China, as well as their corruption with respect to Romanian and U.S. government contracts.

Another important witness will be Eric Ciaramella, the alleged whistleblower, that Adam Schiff said would testify, then said wouldn’t testify and then incredibly claimed not to know.

Mr. Schiff doesn’t want Ciaramella to testify because John Brennan hand-picked Ciaramella as a CIA operative who would become the NSC Director in Kyiv.

Ciarmella will link Joe Biden, John Brennan, Jake Sullivan, Victoria Nuland, Adam Schiff together as the ones who created this ridiculous impeachment hoax.

It will be an incredibly ugly expose of the Democrats’ moronic, illegal attempt to subvert our Constitution by attempting to use an impeachment hoax to overturn the free and fair election in 2016 and prevent President Trump from winning again in 2020.

The Democrats shall be hoisted by their own petards.

Thus, thanks are absolutely in order to Mr. Seay and his fellow Democrats for providing a Senate trial that shall expose the illegal and unethical nature of the Democratic Party just as the 2020 election campaign begins.

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