Colorado Open Lands would like to thank the Park County Board of County Commissioners and the Land and Water Trust Fund Board for their recent decision to support our work to help restore key streams and wetlands in Park County.

This newly-approved grant will help fund the restoration of streams and their critically-important riparian habitats in the South Platte Headwaters through Colorado Open Lands’ Riparian Reconnect program.

The mission of Riparian Reconnect is to reconnect degraded streams to their riparian areas, allowing them to once again function naturally and sustainably.

Riparian Reconnect restores native stream and wetland conditions by reestablishing the streams’ natural form, vegetation and habitat features. The benefits are improved fisheries, enhanced duck and wildlife habitat, improved water quality, increased natural groundwater storage and aquifer recharge, and increased resilience to fire, flood and drought.

Colorado Open Lands is a non-profit, state-wide land conservation organization that has been working to protect open space in Park County for over 30 years.

Over the past year, Colorado Open Lands, in cooperation with our partners, EcoMetrics LLC, Johnson Environmental Consulting LLC, Gillilan Associates Inc. and Flywater Inc., have successfully restored portions of over six miles of degraded stream on Fourmile Creek and the South Fork of the South Platte, and have protected and enhanced over 370 acres of adjacent wetlands.

Park County’s support of this work is leveraged by support from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, Great Outdoors Colorado, and private donors who cumulatively have contributed over $1 million in support of improving Park County’s precious aquatic resources.

For more information about Riparian Reconnect contact Cheryl Cufre at Colorado Open Lands.

We thank you again in supporting us in our shared goal of protecting and restoring streams and wetlands in Park County.

Tony Caligiuri

President and CEO of Colorado Open Lands

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