The “Republican Perspective” article in the Dec. 13 issue of The Flume was very revealing as to the current impeachment.

Tim Peterson listed presumed abuses by other prominent U.S. Presidents (FDR, JFK, LBJ, Lincoln, Obama), that were similar to Trump’s infractions and so could have been impeachable. Are we really saying that if those presidents got away with it, then the current president should as well? Shouldn’t we rather say that no president should be able to abuse their power?

There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high, forcing our presidents to follow the Constitution and the law. However, there is one big problem; political parties.

Partisan politics will misuse the impeachment mechanism. As to impeachment and many other instances, Congress does not vote its conscience nor vote for the good of American citizens. It votes to protect their Party’s majority and the reelection of its Party politicians.

And if you think that Democrats are any different, remember that in the case of Bill Clinton’s obvious lying under oath, only five House Democrats out of 211 voted for impeachment.

Partisan politics spoils our democracy and disrespects the people who voted them into office. The sad news is that the two-party system is not only entrenched, but it is virtually impossible to change under our current Constitution. This is the real crisis.

John Roozen


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