Last week Colorado Democrats took away our voting privileges by giving our Electoral College votes to whoever is chosen by the National Popular vote.

The master plan supported by outside money is to transform every swing state into a sanctuary for dependent leeches who will vote democratic.

For at least two generations our education system has not been teaching our children actual history or how this republic was designed to function. These children were not taught to think for themselves so they are unable to think critically.

They don’t believe it’s possible to achieve their highest potential as in the American dream. They believe all the misinformation from social media and don’t think they are personally responsible for anything. There is a bit of the bully in them as well, evidenced by politically correctness that has turned into full blown discrimination and hate.

All the professed care and consideration of others is a smoke screen intended to sway the ignorant. Claims that America is racist are unfounded unless you can see it in the Democrat party itself.

Prevaricators will accuse their enemies of doing what they themselves would do when faced with similar circumstances.

The Democrat’s power grab is so predictable. I don’t understand why so many soft Republicans will just go along instead of standing up for our principles. We must do what we can to reverse this new law quickly. If it is to be recalled, then we must get started soon to get our voting rights restored before the 2020 election cycle.

Yeah, I know we can still vote just like normal but what is the use if our votes literally do not count. If Denver and Boulder can decide for this state who will be our next president why bother to live here or even pay taxes?

Amanda Woodbury


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