Kier M. Cline I

Kier M. Cline I died May 30, 2019, in Pine, Colo., where he lived. His parents were Charles and Josephine Cline.

Kier was a Kansas boy with a dancing dad, a storytelling mom, two big brothers and a sweet little sister. He helped his dad deliver milk, worked in his dad’s bar, and went on family road trips to Colorado in a caravan of cars when cars were a novelty.

Once he was “all growed up and haired over” (his words), he headed to Chicago via Milwaukee to pursue a life of art. In Milwaukee he met his first wife, with whom he had two children. One would think that was all the art he needed as they were magnificent children, but his artful itch was in need of more scratching.

He got a filmmaking degree at Columbia College and went on to make many films, including a documentary about a hollerin’ contest called “Welcome to Spivey’s Corner,” which can be seen on, and a documentary called “Kathy,” which won a daytime Emmy and can be seen on

In 1979 he met his soul mate who shared his love of film. They worked together for years in Chicago until they got sick of the “rat race” and headed out to Colorado.

The couple settled in Sphinx Park. They named their place “Another Day in Paradise”, and that old Kansas boy took the phrase to heart as he fished, carved, built, loved, and laughed in his mountain log cabin.

What everyone should know about Kier is that he was fun.

Sometimes thrilling fun like turning off the car lights at night while driving down an empty road.

Sometimes a more cerebral fun like when he drove past a sign in a pile of dirt that said Private Dirt. He went back the next day with a shovel and his own sign, which said Sergeant Shovel.

Sometimes shocker fun like when he had his wife paint his left toenails hot pink to entertain the hospice caregiver. He died with the pink toes, which was a perfect way to go as there is no stronger armor to keep a man safe in a new world than a sense of humor.

Kier was preceded in death by Booth Cline and Charles (Skip) Cline.

He is survived by Con­nie Cline, his wife, of Pine, Colo.; Cay Thiesing, sister, of Texas; Kier Cline II, son; Brooke Cline, daughter-in-law; Honor Cline, daughter; Riley, Dylan, Josephine, Adji Cline, grandchildren, all of Illinois.

A celebration of Kier’s life will be held at Crossroads Pub and Grill, 16 Mount Evans Boulevard, Pine, Colo., on Sept. 8, 2019, 2 to 5 p.m. The gathering is open to the public. Food prices range from $4 to $16.

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