Gracie award winner

(Left to right) Brian O’Reilly, president of the Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce, and Pat Davis, 2019 GRACIE award winner. The GRACIE award was named for Gracie Trast, a longtime Park County resident known for her involvement in the community. The acronym GRACIE stands for a person who represents the qualities of Giving, Resourceful, Admirable, Caring, Involved and Exceptional. (Photo courtesy Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce)

The Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 GRACIE award: Pat Davis of House Call Hearing.

This annual award is given to a very special person or couple who positively impacts our community.

The acronym stands for one who represents the qualities of GRACIE: Giving, Resourceful, Admirable, Caring, Involved and Exceptional.

Long-time resident Gracie Trast is the inspiration for this local recognition.

Pat Davis owns House Call Hearing, a local hearing aid provider that specializes in providing care to patients in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Pat is a past-president of the PCACC, has served as entertainment chair for Bailey Day, and is involved in many other local organizations.

“Pat Davis is one of our local heroes. He has been serving our community in leadership positions for many years. He is also there to lend a hand behind-the-scenes, whenever needed, by family, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers. He’s a great guy with a big heart. Pat is well deserving of this award and exemplifies all of the qualities represented by a GRACIE award winner,” said the PCACC president.

Pat Davis and his wife Robin Davis are expected to serve as grand marshals for Bailey’s Cowboy Christmas.  This honor is traditionally given to GRACIE Award winners. Cowboy Christmas is Dec. 8 and starts at 1 p.m. in the Bailey Community Center on Main Street in Bailey.

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