Eighth graders

The Guffey Community Charter School graduating eighth graders from were (left to right ) Xander Stone, Kaden Gates, Troy Dabney, and Havannah Van Egmond. On the far right is Frank Ruvo, school board of directors president. (Photo by Flip Boettcher/The Flume)

Graduation is a time to celebrate the successful completion of a course of studies. It is also a time to move on to new opportunities in life. Almost 60 people, plus students, attended this year’s Guffey Community Charter School graduation ceremonies and the last day of this school year, May 30.

This year there were four graduating eighth graders: Troy Dabney, Havannah Van Egmond, Kaden Gates and Xander Stone. There were also five graduating kindergarteners: Liam Farmer, Izabel Hurlbut, John Barnes, Kaiden Barnes and Marius Robinson. Nowadays, one graduates from kindergarten, and GCCS offers grades K-8. All of the students were awarded certificates.

Besides the five kindergarteners, Stacey Knutzen’s class had five first and second graders. There were 13 students in Lynda MacDonald’s third through fifth grades. In Jenny Hartman’s middle school classes, there were five sixth and seventh graders plus the four eighth graders, who each presented roses to the special people in their lives. Congratulations to all the students on a successful school year.

Lawrence Epps, Lynn Buchanan, Carlie Sandefur, and Paula Milner of Guffey Steampunk Society were on hand to award their $200 scholarship to one of the lucky eighth graders. This year, with four eighth graders, the society had an essay contest. The students were to choose a current or historical person in science, technology, engineering, arts or mathematics whom they admire and explain why they admired them in 250-500 words.

The three-person review and selection panel from GCCS and GSS members did not know the identity of the writers of the essay when they reviewed them.

The winner of the essay contest and $200 scholarship was Kaden Gates, for his essay on Elon Musk.

There was a great slide show presentation by Hartman, compiled from pictures taken throughout the school year and set to music. Afterwards, School Principal Martine Walker thanked the generous and wonderful Guffey community for raising almost $63,000 for the new school bus, which should be delivered within the next couple of weeks. All that is needed now is a driver, she said.

Don’t forget the Third Annual Guffey Clean-up Day, sponsored by Rural Coloradans for a Brighter Future on June 15. Breakfast at the fire station starts at 8 a.m., with roadside trash pickup starting from Guffey and continuing to Park County Road 59 that should take about an hour.

With a $500 grant from Newmont Mining and hot dogs and hot dog buns supplied by Guffey’s new MountainAries Market, GSS hosted a “Steam into Summer” party after the graduation ceremonies, with games, prizes and lot of food and fun.

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