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Nicole McChesney started making skincare items 10 years ago. Six years ago she added goats to her little farm, so adding the goat’s milk to her products was a natural step. All of the skincare products are made in the back of the storefront. The store offers soap, lotion, lip balms, and deodorants along with organic handcrafted teas, goat’s milk fudge and beautiful natural stone jewelry. (Photo by Nicole McChesney)

Nicole McChesney, owner of Mountain Essentials LLC in Fairplay, goes to great lengths to ensure that her store’s all-natural products are a cut above the competition’s.

McChesney officially opened the doors at Mountain Essentials with a grand opening Saturday, June 15. She is thrilled to introduce her handcrafted products such as soaps, lotions and chapsticks to the public. Early results indicate that local consumers are equally excited about the store’s unique offerings.

McChesney utilizes olive oil and goat’s milk as the base of most of her products, and all of the ingredients she uses are carefully selected and meticulously handcrafted.

“Our products are handcrafted with the best possible products,” McChesney said. “We feel that using the best quality products ensures the best product and that’s what sets us above the others in our industry. Our families, and our friends use these products every day. We wouldn’t send anything to your family that was anything less than perfect.”

As time has passed, McChesney has developed her own way of handcrafting skin care products, and the ingredients used have also evolved.

“I started making skincare products about ten years ago,” McChesney said. “About six years ago, I added goats to our little farm. Adding the milk was a natural step. I make all my skincare products in the back of the storefront using the milk from my goats, and other natural and organic ingredients.”

Soap, lotion, lip balms and deodorant are just a few of the store’s many offerings. Organic handcrafted teas, goat’s milk fudge and beautiful natural stone jewelry has also been drawing rave reviews from customers.

Mountain Essentials is also happy to ship merchandise to any location in the United States. Flat rate shipping is available, and bulk shipments are available by request. Gift packages are also available.

Mountain Essentials is located at 520 Front Street in Fairplay. For more information, call the store directly at 303-880-7258, or go online to www.mountainessentialsllc.com. Additional information and customer reviews can also be obtained on the Mountain Essentials Facebook page.

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