Distance training online

Dog Works! will be offering its standard classes online, until the county gives an all-clear to open businesses. (Photo courtesy of Dog Works!)

No need to let those pups get bored during this challenging time. A little brainwork will make their lives more exciting and your life a lot more enjoyable as well. Dog Works! has developed online courses to help keep everyone and their dogs occupied and learning in spite of current restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Online classes meet weekly and last for at least six weeks, just as before. Although some exercises are a little challenging over the internet, plenty of resources are sent every week prior to class to all participants.

And practice does help everything get better. Classes that were in session during the beginning of the stay-at-home directive all went online to finish out the four weeks remaining. Very detailed class plans with exercises and descriptions were provided, as well as videos that show in detail how exercises are completed.

Participants are invited to send in their own videos for personalized help. The Zoom class is held weekly for every class so we can work together on all exercises. Hippo, the demonstration Corgi, is always on hand to demonstrate exercises and all their nuances, with an added amount of Corgi humor included.

He also assists with the videos sent out each week so participants can see a dog doing the work, as well as making occasional mistakes and how to turn all training bloopers into positive experiences.

Dog Works! will be starting a new series of classes in two to three weeks. These will include fitness one, two and advanced, agility, tricks, focus and rally, depending on interest. A Puppy One class has just started and there is still time to join in.

Now that the weather is getting nice, we hope to be able to meet out in the yard at Dog Works! for class if allowed, while observing proper social distancing protocols.

Yard work will be determined by the comfort level of participants. Please contact Marcia McMahon at 719-651-4231 or machmaui@gmail.com for prices and questions, or to register. Dog Works! can work with financially challenged families who want this training. Class information can also be found at dogworksk9fitness.com.

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