Imagine a 1830s trappers’ camp, a Native American encampment, and a wagon train of St. Louis traders all converging on a high Colorado plain - you’ve got a Mountain Rendezvous. Re-enactors all over the country enjoy camping together throughout the year, living an early 19th century lifestyle, sharing skills, crafts, music, food, games and competitions known from that era.  And summer is the time to meet up in Colorado.

Next week the Como Rendezvous enthusiasts meet again on the Gardner Ranch, just south of Como in South Park. Friends and traders from all over the west enjoy a week with no electricity, no running water, no cellular, no digital, returning to the roots and traditions of the early pioneers.

Colorado’s earliest European settlers were French trappers, who traded liberally with the Native Americans, and provided beaver plew to the exporters down river in St. Louis.  These beaver pelts were essential for manufacture of men’s top hats, the fashion craze on the coasts and in Europe. Today’s re-enactors represent these trappers, English traders, Native Americans, old soldiers, and others who took part in the Rendezvous gatherings.

Join us for a week of fun, food and entertainment:  knife and tomahawk throw events, black powder shooting, bowman skills, the skillet toss and more. Final competitions will be held Friday and Saturday. Participants share their skills in wardrobe and weapon manufacture, and traders lay out their hand-fashioned wares. Authentic clothing is required after dark each day, and loaners are available at the “Limber Timber” check-in tent. Google: Como Mountain Man Rendezvous for more details.

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