New brush truck

Lake George Fire Protection District announces the acquisition of the second new truck this year. The first truck, an engine, arrived in December 2018. In March they took possession of a Ford 550 Brush Truck, with both hose reels and pump and roll capability utilizing a front monitor. The truck is low profile and four-wheel drive, which will make it easier to get up U.S. Forest Service roads and other off-road access.

In November of 2016, a mill levy passed that was designated specifically for a truck replacement program. To jumpstart the program, a $300K grant was applied for and received from the Department of Local Affairs.

This enabled the district to purchase the two trucks this past year. The revenue from the mill levy increase will accumulate enough for the purchase of the next vehicle in 2020.

It will be a Ford 550 All Purpose Rescue Truck, built to order and will typically be the first truck to respond. The plan is to systematically replace the fleet, in which some vehicles are 30 to 40 years old. They are expensive to maintain and repair, and replacement parts are difficult to find.

LGFPD is a volunteer department, and all personnel attend training meetings at the main station each week and handle traffic accidents, medical calls, rescue missions, structure fires, wildland fires, and other like situations.

In 2018, they responded to 178 calls, which was up 38 from the previous year. The total includes mutual aid requests from other departments. Having reliable equipment they can depend on is crucial to their response time and efficient handling of all situations.

Fire Chief Susan Bernstetter emphasized how grateful the department is to the tax- payers of the district in passing the mill levy and for supporting their endeavors.

“We’re here, because we care” is the motto of the department, and “having citizens who care for our needs makes us feel appreciated and supported,” Bernstetter siad.

Bernstetter also invites everyone to their spaghetti dinner fundraiser Aug. 17, where the new trucks will proudly be on display.

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