Love to cook or bake? Has anyone ever told you your cookies and muffins are good enough to sell? Want to earn some extra money this year? If your answers are yes, before you start naming your price, you first need to attend an approved food safety class.

Colorado State University Extension of Park County offers a great opportunity for home chefs to get certified and start making a profit selling foods produced in a residential kitchen.

If you would like to create an eligible food item in your home or a commercial kitchen to share with your community, the state requires food safety training.

Local food vendors, and those who just want to learn more about food safety, can meet with food safety certificate training requirement through this course provided by CSU Extension.

Join the workshop and learn the specifics for operating a food business from a home kitchen. Review the law, permissible foods and ingredient labeling requirements.

The three-hour certification will cover basics of food safety, including proper hygiene, preventing cross contamination and cross contact of food allergens, temperature control for safe food preparation, storage, transporting produce, labeling and disclaimer requirements and sales.

Resources for food preparation at altitude and for going further with your business will be shared. We will also discuss food sampling best practices, and we will have some discussion about beginning some community-supported local food efforts.

This training provides a three-year certification and meets the food safety training requirement for the Colorado Cottage Foods Act.

The Colorado Cottage Foods Act, passed in 2012, makes it possible for individuals to produce a limited, non-potentially hazardous range of food products in their home kitchens and sell them to the public.

CSU Extension is offering a Colorado Cottage Food Safety Certification Workshop May 22 at the Park County Fairgrounds, Community Center. Close to 1,500 individuals have attended and passed the certification test in Colorado. The workshops are limited to the first 40 registered, in order to have time to address the material and answer questions.

Workshop cost is $40. Pre-register by going to at or call Barbie Garnett at the CSU Extension Office 719-836-4296.

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