Golden Pines Chinese Food, Inc. received a liquor license transfer by Park County commissioners Jan 30.

The restaurant is located at 67348 U.S. Highway 285. The building is owned by San Long and was a Chinese restaurant for over 20 years.

Golden Pines is owned by Ming Fu Xu who will be renting the building from Long.

The liquor license was transferred from Someplace Else.

It was noted at the hearing that the owners of Someplace Else lost the lease for nonpayment of rent.

Assessor contract

The commissioners signed a professional services agreement with ValueWest, Inc. to conduct the 2021 commercial property reappraisal for Park County.

The company will receive a flat fee of $2,050 per month from January 2020 to December 2021.

ValueWest will conduct all commercial property reappraisals and represent the assessor’s office during the appeal process up to and including the county board of equalization hearings.

 If any appeals go on to the state level or to court, ValueWest will charge $75 per hour.

Assessor Monica Jones told the commissioners that no one in the office is certified to complete commercial property assessments.

Commissioner Mike Brazell said the price is lower than what it would cost to hire. He asked if she was aware of the company’s work quality.

Jones said ValueWest has worked in neighboring counties and helped Park County with agricultural soil-type calculations.

Jones said it will take another year and one half to get her certified residential license. It would take another two and one half to three years to get her certified general appraiser license, she said.

 She said all appraisers must be overseen by someone with a certified general license. She did not say if anyone in the department had a certified general license or if an outside contractor must supervise the office’s work.

Two other types of licenses are the ad valorem appraiser and licensed appraiser, according to the state’s website,

She did not say how many in the office had those licenses, which have fewer requirements.

Commissioner Ray Douglas asked if she would continue contracting the work due to the contract price or look to hire someone qualified.

Jones said one staff person is interested in becoming licensed as a commercial appraiser and is working towards that end.

State requirements for a certified commercial appraiser include a college degree, plus specific appraisal education and 3,000 working hours in appraisals with 1,000 hours appraising commercial property.

Jones said she would like all assessor’s office employees to have knowledge in all appraisal disciplines.

Homeland security

A memorandum of agreement was signed between five counties in the south-central region of the state, and Colorado Springs to share equipment and personnel each has received from federal homeland security grants.

The counties are Lake, Chaffee, Teller, Park and El Paso.

The agreement is similar to a mutual aid agreement between law enforcement agencies.

In case of an emergency where such equipment and/or personnel with specific training is needed, each county and the city will share as needed. Each entity will pay its own expenses.


Vouchers in the amount of $337,160 were approved for payment.

The insurance fund spent $152,751.

The general fund spent $88,599 and public works spent $75,904.

Fleet fund spent $12,482 and human services spent $2,507.

Sales tax fund spent $1,824 and conservation trust fund spent $1,465.

The grant fund spent $1,536 and E911 spent $91.

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