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One of the many cyclists flies over the finish line in the 2015 Bailey HUNDO. (Photo by The Flume)

The 11th Annual Bailey HUNDO mountain bike race has been modified greatly this year, but all is not lost.

The June 20 event will not include the gathering of 600 volunteers, cheering crowds and participants, as it usually does. It will, however, still give biking enthusiasts the opportunity to collect donations and ride on their own as a means of supporting Bailey-area schools, fire departments, businesses and the Colorado Off-Road Mountain Biking Association.

Executive race director and founding board member John Gerritsen explained the modified format during a May 14 interview with The Flume.

“We just don’t see how bringing six-hundred people together could possibly be done in a responsible way under these circumstances,” Gerritsen said. “But we want to preserve our ability to give money to all the entities that usually benefit from the event, so we are allowing participants to collect donations and ride on their own that day.”

All riders paying a $55 entry fee and making a fundraising commitment of $200 will be presented (by mail) with a commemorative number plate for their bikes, as well as custom facemasks that match this year’s HUNDO team jerseys. Riders will have until June 10 to meet their pledges of $200.

“This event has always been, first and foremost, a charity event,” Gerritsen said. “More than just a race, this event has always been about the funds it raises for local entities. We are excited about the opportunity to continue that tradition this year, even though the event has been greatly modified.”

Over the past 10 years, the Bailey HUNDO event has garnered more than $500,000 in donations for nonprofit partners and community organizations in the Bailey area.

Even though this year’s event will not allow for social gatherings, Gerritsen says local health organizations have only approved permits for 400 registered riders.

Information about how to register, donate and ride is currently provided in detail on the Bailey HUNDO website,

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