No one in Park County can sell, use or possess fireworks between May 31 and July 5, 2020.  A resolution was passed May 21 by the county commissioners that banned fireworks per Ordinance 19-01.

The ordinance passed last year regulates open fires, requires a burn permit to start an open fire and bans the sale of fireworks in Park County under dry weather conditions.

It also authorizes the county Sheriff to issue a ban on open fires, including campfires, to reduce the danger of wildfires when evidence of a high to extreme wildfire danger exists.

The county has been under a fire ban authorized by Sheriff Tom McGraw since May 1, according to the county website,

The fire ban and fireworks ban apply to all private and public land.

The resolution states that if weather conditions change, and competent evidence exists that wildfire danger will no longer exist between May 31 and July 5, the commissioners shall consider rescinding the ban on fireworks.

Target practice, recreational shooting, model rockets, operating motorized vehicles off roads and blasting, welding and other hot works are also banned during a fire ban. Operating a chain saw is prohibited during a fire ban unless a fire extinguisher and large shovel are readily available.

Any violation is a class two petty offense and carries a fine upon conviction ranging from $500 for a first offense up to $1,000 for additional offenses.

Deer Creek measuring gauge

An agreement was signed designating costs of installing and maintaining a stream flow measuring device on Deer Creek in northeast Park County.

The state water engineer required the measuring gauge installation before the entities get to use or get credit for their water rights.

Five entities that own senior water rights on the stream are party to the agreement.

They are Headwater Authority of the South Platte, Mountain Mutual Reservoir Company, Retreat Land, LLC, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, and Park County.

Total water owned by the entities includes 2.007 cubic feet per second of 1867 water rights. CPW also owns 0.02 cfs of 1869 and 0.67cfs of 1886 water rights that were included in the cost sharing agreement.

The water rights are divided as listed: CPW owns 47.1 percent: MMR owns 28.99 percent: HASP owns 16.7 percent: Retreat Land owns 4.93 percent and Park County owns 2.28 percent.

The entities will divide the costs based on the percentage of water rights owned by each, except for Park County.

Park County’s contributions include a revocable license agreement allowing the Deer Creek measuring gauge installation on county land plus constructing and maintaining the road access from County Road 43 to the gauge.

Estimated county costs range between $40,000 and $50,000.

The revocable license agreement was also signed May 21.

Costs shared by the other four entities include engineering at $37,415; gauge and installation costs of $86,536; construction costs of $38,246; other equipment costs of $9,375; and equipment installation for $1,500. Total costs to be divided pro-rata are $173,072. Any maintenance or repair costs will also be divided pro-rata.

In addition to the one-time costs, the state requires a $3,075 annual fee to operate the satellite-linked real time monitoring system and associated software.

The state will operate the gauge from April 1 through October each year. The fee includes annual satellite equipment maintenance, hydrologist site visits and mileage to the site.

Other water rights exist in Deer Creek that are not part of the agreement.

Wildfire operating plan

The commissioners signed the annual wildfire operating agreement with Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.

The operating agreement outlines how the parties will “implement cooperation, interagency working relationships and protocols, financial arrangements, and joint fire management activities within Park County, Colorado.”


  Vouchers in the amount of $194,650 were approved for payment.

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