Arting it up

Gail Smith adds artistic touch to PCCA’s Arty Car. (Photo by Marianne Mogon/The Flume)

As people begin to venture out of self-isolation, Park County Creative Alliance (PCCA) is excited to unveil their new map for “Art Adventuring” in Park County. The map offers a guide to find galleries, shops, eateries and other businesses around the county. It’s a good way to discover local art and point out ideal locations to inspire others to allow their creative juices to flow.

The official launch of the map will occur during the Friday Night Fairplay Cruise, July 3 from 7-8 p.m.. Participants dress and decorate their vehicles according to a theme and circle the business section of Fairplay. The cruise is a lively affair, accompanied by tuning in to radio station KGKG 102.9. PCCA, a sponsor of this weekly event, will be passing out their free whimsical maps during the event and showing off their own “Arty Car” that local artists from communities in Park County have been decorating.

“We are so pleased to have the map, which was first conceived last fall, ready for people to enjoy while they get out again and can explore this amazing county,” said PCCA President Ann Lukacs. “There were a lot of people involved in producing the map, including not only our members, but we received financial support from Breckenridge Grand Vacation Gives, the South Park National Heritage Area, and the Colorado Tourism Office,” she concluded.

Craig and Lisa Karlin, who owns Granite Canyon General Store in Lake George, were more than happy to distribute the maps.

“You can’t tell the story of Lake George without including the history of our store, and we are excited to be a part of such a rich history. We like to think of ourselves as the unofficial visitor center for Elevenmile Canyon and the Lake George area. We are proud to display photos and items of the area of days gone past,” Craig said.  

“And now, being a part of Park County Creative Alliance, we will be able to enhance our gallery of works by local artists,” he concluded.

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