Millonzi’s at 501 front street

Photo by Lori Bennett/The Flume

Millonzi’s Restaurant in Fairplay has been selected for a makeover, courtesy of Food Network’s television program, Restaurant: Impossible.

In addition to a film crew, bright lights and maybe even requests for autographs, what does this mean for the Town of Fairplay and for the Millonzi’s crew?

Allyson Kircher, Food Network segment producer, said, “We are filming an episode at Millonzi’s Restaurant in Fairplay in September,” and added, “Restaurant: Impossible is hosted by Chef Robert Irvine, whose challenge is to turn the restaurant around in two days with only $10,000.”  

Guests are invited to participate in the televised Grand Re-opening Dinner Sept. 25 at 7 p.m.

The Restaurant: Impossible chef and crew travels to struggling restaurants around the country with the goal of helping them turn their restaurant around with a new menu and renovation.

The Flume was unable to discuss the upcoming television show and renovation with Tim Millonizi, owner of Millonzi’s, due to Food Network’s non-disclosure agreement.

Jill Littman, Executive Producer, Restaurant: Impossible, said,  “In general, restaurants need to be struggling financially and on the verge of closing and she added, “We have an application site where restaurants in need can apply to be on the show.”

“If you own a failing restaurant, fill out an application,” Littman said. “We’d love to help.”

Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible can be viewed on the Food Network channel.

Littman said, “New shows air at nine p.m. EST on Thursday nights on Food Network and past episodes can be found on demand and on the Food Network app.

The program first aired in 2011, and has assisted approximately 200 restaurants since that time.

More information about Restaurant: Impossible can be found at

Meet Chef Robert Irvine

Chef Irvine is the creative and masterful chef in charge of restaurant makeovers. When he is not helping restaurants in trouble on television, he provides advice as a fitness authority, writes books, works as a philanthropist with a special focus on the military, and per his website at, “seeks to inspire people to live better through all his endeavors.”

Guests are invited to dine at Millonzis for the Grand Re-opening dinner at 7 p.m., Sept. 25 and be some of the first patrons to see the newly renovated space.

Those interested are requested to make a reservation for the Grand Re-opening by emailing the Restaurant: Impossible production at by Friday, Sept. 18 at 12 p.m. (PST). Write the following in the email subject line: 1707 CO RESERVATIONS.

Please include your contact information (full name, email address, cell number), your party size (number of people at your table), and the names of the people in your party.

Diners will be asked to pay for their own meals and drinks and sign a non-disclosure agreement for this special televised production.

The press release from Kircher stated: “ This event is first come first serve by email and we cannot guarantee everyone who responds will get a table. If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation email close to the date of the dinner. Unfortunately, we cannot have any guests under eight years old.”

COVID Safety:

Kircher said, “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the re-opening of the restaurant is a safe environment for our guests, the restaurant staff, and the production crew. So please be prepared for the following:

“Masks will be required to be worn by all guests at all times. Of course once the service starts and guests get their food, they will be able to take them off.

“We will be practicing social distancing on the set,” Kircher added.

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