Ahoy, mates!

(Left to right) Cameron Seidler, Madylin Conwell, Cameron Sadowski and Dillon Marschel serve corned beef and cabbage to hungry patrons to raise money for each of them to go to SeaCamp. (Photo by Melissa Tanner)

For the past several years Fitzsimmons Middle School eighth graders have had a chance to attend SeaCamp San Diego.

SeaCamp is a marine science camp where students learn about physical oceanography, marine ecology and marine biology. The camp provides workshops and hands-on programs to bring marine biology to life. The students get to participate in activities such as kayaking, boat trips, boogie boarding and snorkeling. SeaCamp has been a highlight of eighth grade and a chance for students to become more independent.

The goal for the students who attend SeaCamp is to raise their own funds in order to attend. That amount is currently $850, plus airfare.

This price is for five days at SeaCamp, food, shelter, and a lifetime of great memories. A few ways that they raise money is selling Butter Braids, Yankee Candles, and pizza kits. Students also raise money on their own by babysitting, cake-making, shoveling snow, and so on.

The SeaCamp committee has hosted multiple local events such as Christmas tree cutting, trivia and bingo night at Mad Jack’s, which included a delicious dinner for a donation.

They recently hosted an Irish dinner and silent action at Glen Isle, which sold out. There is a scholarship for one well-written essay from the Emily Keyes I Love U Guys Foundation.

The SeaCamp fundraising is winding down for this year, but we hope it will continue to be an annual adventure. Please be sure to help our local kids next school year by keeping an eye out for their events and marketing. If you are a FMS parent of a current seventh grader and are interested in helping the SeaCamp San Diego committee next year, please email the FMS Booster Club a boosterclubfms@gmail.com.

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