High art

Plein air artist Lisa Eshom Rawlings is flanked by musicians Steve Beitscher with the guitar and Maryanne Rozzi with the harp. (Photo by Marianne Mogon/The Flume)

Park County Creative Alliance along with Plein Air artists and local musicians wrapped up their final afternoon at the Wilkerson Pass Visitor Center.

PCCA held the four get-togethers in September on Kenosha Pass, Hoosier Pass, and two at Wilkerson.

“We were hoping to give the artists a chance to get some of colors of fall, but the weather isn’t cooperating,” said Julie Beitscher, as her husband Steve played in the background on his guitar.

“We even had an alphorn on Hoosier Pass,” she added.

It was a pleasant afternoon watching the artists, who were spread out behind the visitor center, while listening to the musicians at 9,504 feet. People who stopped at the visitor center were able to enjoy a little something special while taking in the scenery.

PCCA was established to identify and showcase the diversity of creative arts in Park County. They are wanting to bring a variety of artistically talented people together to create networking opportunities for the artists and enhance awareness of regional creative assets, rural tourism and promote cultural heritage.

“We don’t want people to just drive by, we want to get them to stop in and see the talent we have in Park County,” said Randall McKinnon, one of the musicians serenading the artists and bystanders.

Plans for the future are to hold “Arty Parties” at various locations in the county. If anyone would be interested in hosting one, contact them at info@parkcreates.org.

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