One of the fallouts of the novel corona virus for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, has been the cancellation of hunter education classes statewide for the next few weeks.

We feel like it is our duty to limit the spread by reducing the congregation of people in these classes. With the big game hunting application (draw) deadline coming up on April 7, hunters are required to have a hunter education card in order to apply for licenses.

If you are or know a new hunter who wants to apply for a big game license this year, but do not have a hunter education card, here is what you can do. CPW has offered an Apprentice Hunter Certificate for about a year now.

The Apprentice Hunter Certificate is a free one-year hunter education requirement waiver that can only be obtained once, and is valid from April 1 to March 31.

Apprentice Hunter Certificate Holder requirements;

• 10 years old or older (10 and older can hunt small game; 12 years old and older can hunt big game and small game).

• Accompanied by, and in voice and visual contact with, a mentor at all times while in the field.

• The Apprentice Hunter Certificate is not a license to hunt. It temporarily waives the hunter education requirement and allows the apprentice hunter to purchase hunting licenses for the species they want to hunt.

Your mentor must be at least 18 years old, have a hunter education card, or be born before Jan. 1, 1949, carry proof of age and hunter education certification while in the field, and a mentor can accompany up to two apprentices in the field.

Apprentice Hunter Certificates are available through our online licensing system or anywhere Colorado hunting and fishing licenses are sold. You can get a certificate and apply for licenses at the same time and on the same website,

Finally, for everyone who already has a hunter education card, don’t forget to get your application for licenses online before 8 p.m. April 7.

CPW offices are not currently open to the public. Customers seeking information on the upcoming big game hunting draw can call the CPW call center at 303-297-1192, or if they need assistance applying for the draw they can view our tutorial video, or call 800-244-5613 to have a call center agent help.

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