Platte Canyon High School baseball team played four games in six days. It all started at Lyons, Monday, April 8. The Huskies led the Lions 13-1 going to the bottom of the second inning. The game was called due to darkness. Tuesday, April 9, the Huskies played Front Range Christian Falcons. The Falcons won 23-0.

Thursday, April 11 they were at Buena Vista and Saturday, April 13 at Dawson. All four games were non-league.

Huskies versus Falcons

First inning

The Falcons scored nine runs in the top of the first. Josh Rummelhart and Colbe Kelly both walked. Hunter Hewitt singled to load the bases. The Huskies were held.

Second inning

The Falcons scored nine more in the top of the second. Brandon Patterson struck out two batters. The Huskies went in order. The Falcons led 18-0 after two innings.

Third inning

The Falcons scored five in the top of the third. Rummelhart in to pitch struck out one batter. A single by  Rummelhart was all the Huskes could do. The Falcons won 23-0.

“I’ve been telling my guys we have to do three things to play solid baseball,” Coach Kirkpatrick.

“One is to throw strikes. The second is to make routine plays on defense, and the third is to put the ball in play offensively as to put pressure on the opposing defense. None of those three things have occurred the last three games. We will continue to work to get better and embrace the process of improving.”

“Dawson’s field was tenuous with more snow than expected overnight,” Coach Kirkpatrick said. “Since it was a non-conference game, both parties agreed to reschedule.”

 The Huskies were at Jefferson Tuesday, April 16 and at KIPP Collegiate Thursday, April 18.

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