Amongst the aspen

Seasonal Firefighter Steve Eytel observes as full-time Firefighter Jarred Bundy fells a leaning aspen. (Photo by Linda Rulli/Contributor)

The North-West Fire Protection District conducted forestry training recently, on private property near Fairplay.  Fire Captain Kyle Stamp, who supervised the exercise, explained, “Because this acreage had so many standing dead, leaning and fallen aspen – it offered good field experience and practice for our crew for wildfire mitigation and firefighting.”  

 With the dry spring weather, and recent lack of rainfall, it’s important for property owners to take steps now to protect their homes from wildfires.  Stamp says the NWFPD offers free assessments for property owners.  Give them a call at 719-836-3150.

  The District also provides a free chipping program for owners who can cut and stack branches, logs and small trees near their roadside.  

Go to their website for specific information:   

Captain Stamp noted that there is a long wait for this service, but they will put you on the list.

  The NWFPD covers a wide area of the Fairplay-Alma district – nearly 290 square miles, just under 185,000 acres, with a full-time crew of 12, and four seasonal firefighters working in three shifts.

  Stamp says the District follows the national “Fire Wise Program” guidelines. For practical tips to mitigate wildfire danger to your home, look for the Fire Wise Program at

A burn ban is in effect on all private and public property in Park County, and will likely continue through the summer. 

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