Fairplay gives back

Local nonprofits received portion of proceeds from various Fairplay summer 2019 events. Friends of Fairplay Community (left to right) Pam Levy, Fairplay Mayor Frank Just, and Kat Herrera accept check. A donation was also made to South Park Food Bank. (Photo by Robin Hoffmann/The Flume)

The Town of Fairplay wrapped up their summer events during the Monday, Oct. 7, Board of Trustees meeting at the Town Hall.

Friends of the Fairplay Community received a check for $4,300. This was a combination of $2,500 from the TGIF Concert Series and another $1,800 from art sales at the Plein Air event. Kat Herrera and Pam Levy were on hand to accept the check.

The South Park Food Bank also received $2,396 from the proceeds of the Plein Air Auction and Kenny Shaw was there to accept the check.

In other news for the South Park Food Bank, the board approved Resolution No. 30, Series of 2019, stating the Town of Fairplay would agree to a temporary lease for the food bank to use a portion of the recently-purchased 501 Main Street, previously the Park County offices. They will be located in the prior Treasurer’s office.

The temporary lease is set at six months, and the Food Bank has agreed to pay 1/10th of the power usage of the building. Shaw spoke his appreciation for the town’s support through the notification and sale of the building they were previously housed in, and especially the town’s willingness to continue to support them and the community.

The board also approved a professional services agreement with Downtown Redevelopment Services, LLC, for a feasibility study on the 501 Main Street location. All parties are aware of the possibility of the others random presence in the building.

Downtown Redevelopment Services, LLC will be conducting an Adaptive Reuse and Feasibility Study. The scope will include a property and building assessment on the current condition, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, zoning and regulatory compliance, structural analysis, and various other areas.

The completion date of the study is set for Feb. 15.

Resolution No. 27 and 28, Series of 2019, were regarding Property Improvement Incentive Program requests from town residents.

Resolution No. 27 approved a PIIP in the amount of $577 toward preparation and painting of the exterior of 480 Witcher Lane.

Resolution No. 28 was an amendment to a previous PIIP, providing $510 toward a roofing project on 902 Main Street. The amendment was requested by the owner, as during the project it was discovered some of the roof decking was beyond repair and had to be replaced.

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