Is your canine companion current on vaccinations? If not, the Guffey Veterinary Clinic is sponsoring a drive-up curbside dog vaccination clinic June 13, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

In conjunction with the vaccination clinic, the Corona’s at Freshwater are offering a burger/dog curbside lunch special.

The two businesses are next-door neighbors, located at the corner of Main and Eighth streets.

One can also bring recycling items, because the Guffey recycling trailer is located between the two businesses.

The vaccination clinic will feature a mix and match of rabies, distemper, lepto, BB and rattlesnake vaccinations. Also de-worming of round and hookworms, a heartworm test and microchips will be available according to the flyer.

Heartworm and tapeworm medications will be available with a negative test of both.

Combination specials can be had for the show dog, the working dog and the ranch dog.

After the dog has been taken care of, go next door to the Freshwater and have a curbside burger or dog special lunch for yourself. One can upgrade the lunch special from a soda to include a Laughing Lab beer for a little more if so inclined.

For the dog vaccination clinic, RSVP to 719-689-2262. For the Freshwater lunch special RSVP to 719-689-0518.

Come to Guffey and enjoy the fresh mountain air and sunshine.

Get your dog vaccinated and treat yourself to a special lunch.

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