Proud owner

Steve McCoy stands beside his 1929 Model A Pick-up. (Photo by Marianne Mogon/The Flume)

A quick trip to Lake George on a cold Veteran’s Day, when what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a patriotically decorated 1929 Model A Ford pickup. That was only the second year that Henry Ford made pickups, and this one is proudly owned by Steve McCoy of Lake George.

The pickup is mostly original, but McCoy has rebuilt the motor, put on a new rearend, transmission, gas tank, brake shoes, and brake rods; “the metal ones, not hydraulic,” said McCoy. He says he still needs to paint it, but intends to keep it the same color.

McCoy said he got the pick-up from a barn owned by his wife’s uncle in Peoria, Ill. Asked if he inherited it, he said, “No, he made me buy it. It took a while, but he finally sold it to me 14 years ago.” McCoy brought the pickup to his home in Colorado Springs.

McCoy grew up at Lost Valley Ranch and attended school in Woodland Park. His family moved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio., where he graduated from high school, then he moved to Arizona and then to Colorado Springs and attended University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, majoring in philosophy with focus on business management and ethics. He owned and operated Handyman Connection and had plumbers, electricians, carpenters, drywallers and painters for 12 years.

McCoy and his wife Stacy wanted to have a business that people would come to and always be happy. In March of this year, they purchased the Lake George Cabins and R.V. Park across the road from Lake George Fire Protection District Station One on County Road 90.

They’ve done a lot of remodeling and repairs and even have two cabins open for the winter. And when the mood strikes, he takes his pride and joy for a ride. One interesting tidbit: McCoy explained that in order to get into the truck, you have to unlock the passenger door and then reach over and unlock the driver’s door. “I think that was due to the men having to let the ladies in first and then they reach across to let you in,” McCoy said with a bit of an impish grin.

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