Rocking to the rockets red glare

Fairplay folks danced in the streets for hours on Independence Day 2019 to the music of country band Twenty Hands High. (Photo by Dennis Wagner)

Let the celebration begin with the Fourth of July- themed Friday Night Cruise in Fairplay.

The Friday Night Cruise happens weekly in Fairplay on Front Street from 7-8 p.m.

But July 3, the theme will be Independence Day.

“We’re celebrating America ,and the best-decorated vehicle wins $100 for the Salado Restaurant,” advertises Silverheels Towing on their Facebook page.

During the cruise, several restaurants and stores in town are typically open, often with some  specials just for cruise night.

Participants can turn their radios to KGKG 102.9 FM to listen to the specially-selected tunes. The National Anthem will be aired at 7:30 p.m.

After the cruise, begin your Saturday morning with breakfast in Fairplay with a number of options open for indoor and patio dining. If you forgot to get your flag or decorate your yard and home, stop in the Family Dollar for some decorations.

Then, take some time to stretch your legs with a walk to the Fairplay Beach, with or without your fishing gear.

If you want to get your heart rate moving fast, hop on a bicycle and ride the paved bike path to Alma. Be sure to visit the stores in Alma, and if you haven’t visited it yet, check out the new cart, Otto’s food cart, and revisit an old favorite, South Park Saloon.

If exploring on more than two wheels interests you, check out an ATV. Go with an experienced guide. At least one ATV tour is offered through American Safari Ranch.

The ATV tour is described as “a true Colorado adventure, riding through an authentic guest ranch, and mountains ... fun and safe for the entire family, and also perfect for those seeking adventure.”

Check out their website, for more information.

Enjoy lunch at a restaurant in Fairplay; so many from which to choose. Some have views overlooking the Fairplay Beach, and others tout their fresh-from-scratch ingredients.

The South Park City Museum is also open, and what a great time to soak in some history. Imagine you were a miner, and what life would have been like living in a small miner’s cabin. Then think about having a sore tooth back in 1859. What would it have been like to visit the dentist in South Park?

After your enjoyable visit at SPCM, you may be getting a craving for an ice cream sundae or an adult beverage.

For ice cream, stop in Silver Scoop Creamery and then drop by Snitching Lady Distillery, South Park Bar, Platte River Saloon, Continental Divide Winery or South Park Brewing for an adult beverage.

During your excursion intervals, don’t forget to shop the various small businesses that sell antiques, signs, handmade art, soap, socks, moisturizers and much more.

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