During these challenging times, it is great to find a book that makes you laugh until tears run down your cheeks. At the moment, I am reading Bill Bryson’s “Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.” When you think about American life in the 1950s, you can see why the laughter flows freely.

While our libraries are currently closed, we do have free online e-books that you can download on your phone, even if you do not currently have a Park County Library card,. Free digital library cards can be obtained using your cell phone and will work through June 30 with our e-book vendor. We will let you know as soon as we can resume curbside services or regular service. We miss you.

If you need help getting started with e-books or other online resources, please go to http://parkcounty.colibraries.org or call your local library branch during our regular hours. Our librarians are happy to help. The branch phone numbers are: Bailey 303-838-5539, Fairplay 719-836-4297, Guffey 719-689-9280 and Lake George 719-748-3812.

If you haven’t already, fill out you census information for 2020. Please take a little time (5-10 minutes) and complete the census.

As of April 15, only 21.2 percent of our households had completed the self-response online, by mail, or by phone. (see accompanying chart).

The good news is that over half of the residents north of Kenosha Pass have done this. The not-as-good news is that south of Kenosha Pass the percentages of participation fall to single digits up to just over 10 percent.

Online, go to www.my2020census.gov or you can call 844-330-2020, toll free. While the response period is being extended, please do not wait. Roads are always the number one need here in Park County. Census data informs funding allocations. You can make a difference; you count.

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