Encourages children interest in science

Professor Malcolm Kenney (left) presenting the Case Western Reserve 2019 Outstanding Alumnus of the Chemistry Department award to Dr. Joe Maskasky of Bailey. (Courtesy photo)

Dr. Joe Maskasky of Bailey, along with his wife Karen, traveled to Cleveland to receive an award and to present the keynote address at the Case Western Reserve Awards Ceremony, April 30.

His keynote address had the theme that scientists should take every opportunity to encourage children to become interested in science.  The logic that is a fundamental part of science would be invaluable to them later in life, even if they were to choose a different career.

Dr. Maskasky also gave a technical talk covering part of his research done during his career at the Eastman Kodak Company.

Maskasky received his BS degree in chemistry from the University of Maryland in 1967. Working under Professor Malcolm Kenney, he received his PhD from Case Western Reserve University in 1971. Dr. Maskasky was employed by the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories in Rochester, N.Y., for 31 years.

His research was principally in the field of photographic silver halide emulsion precipitation. He holds 90 U.S. patents and 20 literature publications. Many of his efforts have led to discoveries of practical importance as shown by his many awards, including four journal awards, the John Eggert Prize for 1987 presented in Zurich Switzerland, and being named Inventor of the Year 2000 by the Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association.

He was given the unique position to create his own research projects, reporting directly to Kodak’s vice president twice a year. He credits his success mainly to his childhood experiences and to his philosophy of minimizing office work and maximizing time in the lab. He retired in 2005 and moved to Bailey to pursue a hobby of wildlife photography.

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