Nothing beats hiking or biking in Park County. Here are some opportunities for people who are skilled to partake in the some challenging outdoor activities, sponsored by the Mosquito Ridge Heritage Initiative.


Saturday, July 6, social hike, Limber Grove.

Meet at Limber Grove Trailhead. To get to the trailhead, travel 1.4 miles south of Fairplay on U.S. Highway 285. Turn right on County Road 18 (Fourmile Road) and proceed a little more than nine miles to a point approximately 200 feet beyond the access road to Fourmile Campground. Park on the south side of the road.

Saturday, Aug. 3, social hike, Lake Emma. Participants will meet at Alma Town Hall.

Saturday, Sept. 7, social hike, Aspen Alley. Participants will meet at Alma Town Hall.

Suggested items for hikes include: first aid, water, food, sunglasses, proper clothing and trail footwear.


Saturday, July 20, social biking, the Race in the Clouds.

Registration is required $35. To sign up visit

Saturday, Aug. 17, social biking on Sheep Creek Trail. Participants will meet at Fairplay Town Hall.

Sunday Sept. 15, MRHI 13th Annual Poker Ride.

Registration required $25. Register at

Suggested items to bring on group rides include: first aid kits, water, food, bicycle repair items, sunglasses and proper clothing.

Please note, many of the bike trails and hiking trails are not beginner trails.

Any persons wishing to participate in these events must have some prior experience and realize that participation in these events are at your own risk. For further information email

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