A like-minded group of volunteers will gather May 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to plan for the annual care of McGraw Memorial Park.

The event will not be a workday for those in attendance, but will offer burgers, veggies, and the opportunity to volunteer for future care of the park.

The quaint surroundings of the park contain period artifacts such as Entriken Cabin, Shawnee School, a Keystone railroad bridge and numerous other period artifacts that are preserved entirely by volunteers of the Park County Historical Society.

These preserved treasures from the past work together to tell the earliest stories of Bailey and the hardy brand of settlers who first called it home.

The May 4 picnic will be held for volunteers and future volunteers alike, who are interested in keeping the park beautiful this summer. Volunteer efforts are needed for a myriad of tasks such as repairing the footbridge, an irrigation install, garden work, saving Barnett Cabin, painting and caulking and pocket gopher removal.

Assistance is also welcome from those interested in guiding park tours, performing dramatic readings, marketing, fundraising, and more.

Any and all volunteers are invited to contribute their time, ideas and specific talents toward the upkeep and improvement of this local treasure. Plenty of sign-up sheets are available to volunteers with ideas or projects near and dear to their hearts. Please sign up for this event.

For more information regarding the Park County Historical Society, or to send correspondence to the Park County Historical Society, go online to www.parkcountyhistory.com.

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