Sometimes there is a formula you just don’t need to change, though some have tried. (Do you remember various changes to traditional ketchup recipes, and then there was the new Coca-Cola fiasco?)

Like ketchup and Coca-Cola (only lots better), Fairplay original and classic physician is back practicing her winning medicine. Doctor Katherine Fitting, M.D., officially returned as Fairplay’s primary physician at the South Park Health Care clinic and began seeing patients April 27.

Fitting’s return was first announced as interim, but Maeghan Auerbach, practice manager for South Park Health Care said, “Dr. Fitting has now returned as our full-time, permanent physician.”

The South Park Health Care clinic is located at 525 Hathaway Street in Fairplay.

Auerbach said, “Due to business being a bit slower than usual due to the novel coronavirus,  Dr. Fitting’s current hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. until noon.”

Auerbach added, “We are incredibly excited to have Dr. Fitting back to serve the community she knows so well.”

Per Auerbach, telehealth appointments are also available.

Rocky Mountain Rural Health announced Dr. Fitting’s return to medical practice in Fairplay on their Facebook page: “Please call 719-836-0334 to schedule an appointment. The South Park Health Service District is committed to ensuring that the residents of South Park get the care they need. We bid Dr. Hattaway the best in his future.”

One couple, two doctors

Even if you have not been to the doctor in many years, it would be hard not to know Dr. Fitting and her husband, Dale Fitting, who are active community members and fixtures in Fairplay.

Dr. Fitting can refer to either Katherine or Dale, as Dale has a Ph.D., which entitles him to not only titles of small business owner and ice cream king in Fairplay, but also “Dr.”

Dr. Dale Fitting Ph.D, is the president of the charitable organization, Rocky Mountain Rural Health, and he has been a board member since 2004.

The RMRH website writes: “Dale is a physicist and engineer as well as a small business owner in Fairplay. The business and industry acumen he brings to RMRH is invaluable to the vision, outreach and effectiveness of the organization.

“His career in science and industry brought him in contact with government and granting agencies which gives him unique insight into operating effectively within the scope of regulatory agencies and grant making.”

The Fittings moved to Fairplay full-time in 2004. Dr. Fitting graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine.

The RMRH website writes of Dr. Fitting, “For seventeen years she was a kidney specialist in Denver. In 2004 she took up practice in Fairplay as a primary care doctor where she served the community until her retirement in 2013.

“Her calling as a doctor and her experience in a medically underserved area have created a foundation for the board to realize the vision of improving access to health care in Park County.”

Dr. Fitting also joined the RMRH Board of Directors in 2013, Living History Days and has supported the organization since 2004 in many ways.

Business and community contributions

The Fittings own a number of businesses in Fairplay, including Hand Hotel, Silver Scoop Creamery, Big Red Barn and the building which houses Salado restaurant.

In 2010, the Fittings received the True Pioneer Award from the South Park Chamber of Commerce.

Ernie Dumas in 2010 told The Flume that the SPCC chose the Fittings for this award “because of all they do for the community.”

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