Pie Palooza Grand Champions - Jenny Hartman’s K - 2 classes

for their Triple Berry Pie with a hint of dark chocolate. (Photo by Flip Boettcher/The Flume)

The annual Guffey Community Charter School Pie Palooza (this year it will mark the 11th) will be held Feb. 13 at 4 or 5 p.m. at the school, according to Principal Martine Walker at the January monthly board of directors meeting. Check the school’s website closer to the date for the time, www.guffeyschool.org.

The Pie Palooza consists of a pie contest, a pie auction, a pie melodrama, and of course, pie sampling. Pie makers can enter their pies in the contest, the auction or both. There are four categories of pie: fruit, savory, cream and other.

Each year a Grand Champion pie maker is crowned. In past years, Grand Champions were: 2010-Alexi Alfieri with a Pear Pie; 2011-Norma Farmer with a Chicken Pot Pie; 2012-Dawn Carrica with a Double Decker Pumpkin Caramel Pie; 2013-Eugene Farmer with an original Pomegranate and Mixed Berry Pie; 2014-Norma Farmer with a Pitter Patter cherry Pie with chocolate mice on the top; 2015-Hillevi Peterson-Hirsch with a Lime Pie; 2016-Pat Lamb with a Lemon Meringue Pie; 2017-Pat Lamb with a Frangelico Chocolate Mousse Pie; 2018-Jenny Hartman’s K-2 grades class with a Triple Berry Pie with a hint of dark chocolate; and 2019-Jane Van Egmond with an Elk Pot Pie.

The Pie Palooza is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the school. Last year they raised $10,000 at the pie auction, which matched an anonymous matching grant making a total of $20,000 raised last year at the Pie Palooza. It was a special event because all the monies raised went toward the purchase of the new school bus.

The school has a new bookkeeper, Victoria Wertgen. Wertgen has lived in the area since 2007 and is a CPA. She and her husband own Wertgen and Company CPA PC.

The Guffey Library donated and loaned some Chrome Books to the school, and they went to Stacey Knutzen’s K-2 grades.

The Guffey Threads group knit a hat and scarf for every student at the school. They were very colorful, said Walker, and each student got to pick the one they wanted.

Jean and Dylan Anderson of Guffey Sundance Leather Company were going to be at the school the following day assembling shoes and boots. The Andersons are donating shoes or boots to each student.

The Wilson’s Christmas Party was very successful and raised $745 for the school with their money tree. This is a yearly tradition that was started by Mike and Linda Parrish, and the Wilsons (Dean is on the school’s board of directors) plan on hosting it yearly. Board member Frank Ruvo said that the food at the party was incredible.

The school’s winter program went well and the play “The Naughtiest Kid on the List,” written by Alexi Alfieri was cute and funny, said Walker. Alfieri loves to do these special school programs and working with the students and will be continuing to do them, said Walker. Alfieri is a former Guffey schoolteacher.

Thanks to Norma Farmer for organizing the toys Santa gave out at the program. The toys were from the “Toys for Tots” program. There was a cookie potluck following the program.

In other matters, the board approved the agenda, the consent agenda and last meeting’s minutes. The board liked the administrator monitoring reports, and according to the comments they were well done and interesting to read. The board liked all of the student input to the reports; it makes them funnier to read.

The board acknowledged receipt of the administrator monitoring reports and the board self-monitoring reports.

The board recessed at 5:45 for an executive session to discuss the administrator evaluation. Board members present were Ruvo, Laura Owens, Wilson, Chris Peterson and Cathleen Van Egmond, meeting chair.

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