The Burland Homeowners Association awards a scholarship to a graduating senior each year. This scholarship is paid directly to an institution of higher learning at $1,250 per year as long as the winner is actively enrolled and in good academic standing. Any Platte Canyon High School senior or home schooling senior in the Bailey area is eligible to apply in early April each year.

This year the Scholarship Committee interviewed four very good candidates chosen from the applications received. Each of these seniors was outstanding in academics as well as community involvement and athletics. Although they all presented themselves well, the committee had to narrow it down to a final choice. The winner of the scholarship this year was Eleigha Hamari.

Eleigha impressed the committee with her singular focus toward her goal of studying medicine and public policy. She has been accepted to Colorado State University as part of the Honors Program. She hopes to become a surgeon, and in future years of her career become involved in creating medical policy to eliminate the disparities that exist in today’s society, such as reduced availability of care in rural areas or for minorities and women.

What was significant about her achievements was the focus toward her goal of enacting policy. She was a journalist for PCTV at the high school, an anchor for the Student News Program, and competed in the We The People competition. These activities illistrate  her strong background for engaging in public affairs.

Outside of her school activities, Eleigha volunteered for such groups as the Emily Keyes I Love U Guys Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness, and the Intermountain Humane Society. She has also helped out at Deer Creek Elementary School activities and the Mountain Resource Center. The scholarship committee felt these involvements also contributed toward her desire to work for the segments of our society that might have fewer resources available to them.

Eleigha received letters of recommendation from three of her teachers at PCHS as well as others aware of her involvement in the community. The Burland HOA Board would like to congratulate Eligha Hamari on her accomplishments and wishes her well in her future endeavors.


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