Southern Lillies Florist

Christina McDaniel and Casanova proudly display many locally made and purchased products of Southern Lillies Florist. (Photo by Joyce Shedd/The Flume)

Collaboration is key to the success of businesses in any community, and those in the Platte Canyon area are no exception.

Southern Lilies Florist showcases pottery from Mountain Dog Pottery for many of their arrangements.

They also proudly purchase pieces from Chill Squirrel for their succulent garden classes.

Co-owner Christina McDaniel states, “We believe in neighbors helping neighbors and collaborating with local businesses. Word of mouth is key.”

Jeff Shippen of Chill Squirrel agrees. “We can feature their plants in our pots. We are very cognizant of what other businesses are doing and are trying to fill our own niche.” They also promote Aspen Peak Cellars by using their wine bottles in their displays.

The Finicky Fox is a new addition to the 285 corridor. This boutique and gift shop, located in Delwood Square, is ready to join other businesses for the 285 Gold Rush.

Owner Jessica Greiman Weber traveled through Bailey and fell in love with the area. “We’ve always been mountain people.”

Debbie Wilke of D’Beeze  Honey is a veteran of partnering around the area. Her honey products are sold in shops from Evergreen to Conifer, as well as places beyond. Her honey also contributes its special taste to one of the brews at Mad Jack’s Brewery.

“It’s rewarding. Working together increases business for all,” Wilke said.

There are many more stories like these. This is just a sample of how businesses supporting each help our neighbors and keep our community strong.

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