The scholarships may be used to defray costs of tuition, books or lab fees. Earth scientists work in government, teaching, earthquake or volcano study, mining industry, water resources, petroleum industry and even entry into space research programs. Specialties like geophysics require exceptional math and computer skills.

The club uses proceeds from its annual Gem and Mineral Show, held in Lake George every August since 1999, to fund these scholarships. For those interested in applying for the scholarship, send an emailed letter before April 1 to,  telling about your interest in Earth science to this point in time, and your career plans.

Applicants need to be a senior in any secondary school program in Park or Teller County, with a demonstrated history of interest in the study of Earth sciences, and enrolled and in good standing in an established course of study towards a degree in Earth sciences at an accredited university or college.

Applicants must include name, address, phone number and e‑mail address as well as a short half-to one-page typewritten explanation of the applicant’s interest in the Earth sciences, what the scholarship would be used for (include course costs and expenses) and the applicant’s overall goal in this course of study. Applications must be received or postmarked not later than the first of April to be considered. Late applications will not be accepted.

“This year we have the financial capacity for more than two scholarships of up to $1000 each,” explained John Rakowski, vice president of the Lake George Gem and Mineral Club. Feel free to call Rakowski at 719-748-3861 if you have questions about the varied career paths in Earth Science or if you have questions about the scholarship application.

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