Despite the Coronavirus, the Park County Fair will continue. The Fair will be held July 15 through July 19. The community can expect “some differences due to the social distancing requirements but we will have the same activities” Park County Commissioner Richard Elsner stated.

One of the biggest differences will be the number of people allowed in the barn at once to watch the livestock. Elsner added, “previously the barn would have two-hundred to two-hundred-fifty people watching at once”.

Attendees will be encouraged to go outside instead of sitting in the barn. Earlier this year, Park County was able to buy additional land around the area, enabling social distancing. Additional bleachers will be added to allow onlookers to enjoy the show while maintaining a safe distance from others.

Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the fair. Masks will also be required for those who attend the Fair.

4H members will still be competing and selling livestock as usual. The Livestock Committee is creating a page where people can bid on livestock from home, live.

A decision as to whether there will be a carnival has not yet been made. Commemorative items will be sold to celebrate Park County Fair’s 100th Anniversary.

Activities include small-animal shows, a celebrity goat show, a beer garden, a pie-eating contest, and so much more. Food venders will be available as well.

Elsner reminds the community “those who are feeling sick to stay home out of respect for the vulnerable and take care of yourself. And to those who don’t feel comfortable going, stay home but feel free to take a look. If there is a big crowd, there is always next year to attend. We want everyone to be healthy.”

Events are subject to possible changes as guidelines continue to develop. To stay updated on the newest changes, visit:

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